Subjective Visions

Subjective Visions
Dates 19 September — 01 November 2009
Address Thessaloniki Cultural Center

Key event of the project is opening of an exhibition under the title Subjective Visions / Works from the Stella Art Foundation Collection. The collection has recently been presentment at the two outstanding museum spaces: at the Viennese Kunsthistorisches Museum in 2008 and at Ca’ Rezzonico within the parallel program of the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. But it’st is the first time that a presentation of the collection covers works of foreign artists along with Russian authors. 

Exposition includes about one hundred works, featuring names like Nikita Alexeyev, Yuri Avvakumov, Yuri Albert, Vagrich Bakhchanian, Alexey Buldakov, Olga Chernysheva, Michael Craig-Martin, Evgenia Emets, Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich, Alexandra Galkina, Alexander Gnilitsky, Dmitry Gutov, Howtan, Institution of Unstable Thoughts, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Alex Katz, Maria Konstantinova, Joseph Kosuth, Oleg Kulik, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andrey Monastyrsky, Ilya Trushevsky, Stas Polnarev, Dmitry Tsvetkov and Spencer Tunick.

Thalea Stefanidou, curator of the Foundation’s Thessaloniki project, focuses on the key issues of existence of contemporary art and culture, which she formulates in the most general form: “How does an art work emerge? How is a collection ‘built’? How is the content of a collection restructured in relation to new spaces of its reception and the curatorial task?” (...)

Esoteric, dense and Russian Kathimerini / 25 October 2009
Poets Machine and Russian international collectors Maria Maragu, Eleftherotypia / 05 October 2009
Works from the collection of the Stella Art Foundation Radiotileorasi / 02 October 2009
Moscow-Thessaloniki-2009 Libre / 30 September 2009
The Second Thessaloni Art Biennale: The Curtains Drops Typos tis Thessalonikis / 29 September 2009
Brushstrokes Ethnos tis Kyriakis / 27 September 2009
Russian “landing” in Thessaloniki Olga Sella, Kathimerini / 26 September 2009
Moscow-Thessaloniki-2009 City / 25 September 2009
Subjective Visions Naftemboriki / 25 September 2009
From Moscow with love Simera sti Thessaloniki / 24 September 2009
Works from the collection of the Stella Art Foundation in Thessaloniki Typos tis Thessalonikis / 19 September 2009
Subjective Visions Naftemboriki / 18 September 2009
Subjective Visions, works from the collection of the Stella Art Foundation FAQ / 17 September 2009
Moscow-Thessaloniki Angelioforos / 16 September 2009
Moscow “visions” in Thessaloniki To Vima / 16 September 2009
Ars longa, vita brevis Live! sti Thessaloniki / 13 September 2009
The Russian Landing in Thessaloniki Yota Mirtsioti, Kathimerini / 02 September 2009
Russian “Visions” Katerina Zacharopoulou, Ethnos tis Kyriakis / 23 August 2009
Exhibition Subjective Visions: the Russian Outlook on the Contemporary Art Apogevmatini / 19 August 2009
Moscow-Thessaloniki 2009 Typos Thessalonikis / 11 August 2009
Moscow-Thessaloniki 2009 Eleftheri Ora / 11 August 2009
From Russia with Avant-garde Yorgos Karouzakis, Eleftherotypia / 11 August 2009
Moscow-Thessaloniki with the Hallmark of Stella Art Foundation Angelioforos / 07 August 2009