The Second Thessaloni Art Biennale: The Curtains Drops

Typos tis Thessalonikis / 29 September 2009 The Second Thessaloni Art Biennale: The Curtains Drops

All is not yet lost for you, if you still didn’t manage to attend the Second Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennale arranged by the State Contemporary Art Museum, or if you enjoyed its events and would like to experience this feeling again. Due to the completion of the exhibitions of the main program, the Biennale will be working today with an extended schedule (exhibition sites in the city port will be open for the public from 11.00 to 22.00, the attendance is free). Please also note that the closing event of the Biennale is a discussion scheduled to be held today from 18.00 to 20.00 at the seminars room of the Port Warehouse # 3. Curators of the First Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennale Ian Erik Lundstrom, Katherine David and Maria Tsatsanoglu will meet curators of the Second Biennale Gabrielo Salgando, Bisi Silva and Sirago Tsiara. They will give their judgements and comments, express views on the work performed and come up with some ideas and proposals for the next, Third, Biennale. The attendance for the public is free, and the audience will also be invited to express their proposals and opinions and comment of particular points. Exhibitions of the main program will be held at the following sites:

— Pump station at the Port Warehouse # 3, open-air spaces, the Port Warehouse # 13 and the old refrigerators building in the city port
— Paradise Baths (Bei-Hamam), 11.00-17.00
— “Athos Hearth” — Nedelkos palace (109 Egnatia Str.), 11.00-20.00
— Entrance area of the Thessaloniki Archeological Museum (6 Manoli Andronikou Str.), 8.00-20.00
— Internal court of the Byzantine Culture Museum (2 Stratou Avenue), 8.00-20.00
— .ES restaurant (2-4 Frangon Str.), 20.00-01.00

The following exhibitions and events will continue in the context of the parallel program of the Second Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennale:

— International young artists’ meeting (Vilka Gallery art forum) — until 31.10.09
— 1000+1 ACTION (Thessaloniki French Institute, until 15.10.09, and Thessaloniki Goethe Institute, until 9.10.09)
— Personal-Political (Port Warehouse # 2А), until 23.10.09
— Subjective Visions/Works from the Collection of Stella Art Foundation (National Bank’s Educational Foundation), until 1.11.09
— Alexander Djikia: works from the series Variations on the themes of Cretan-Mycenaean seals (Thessaloniki Archeological Museum), until 1.11.09
— Sculptural composition by Haim Sokol under the title To All Those Who Once Lived Here, a gift of Stella Art Foundation to the city and the Thessaloniki Port Authority (Thessaloniki port, opposite the Passenger Station).

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