Works from the collection of the Stella Art Foundation in Thessaloniki

Typos tis Thessalonikis / 19 September 2009 Works from the collection of the Stella Art Foundation in Thessaloniki

From today, Stella Art Foundation presents in Thessaloniki part of its collection in the context of the parallel program of the Second Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennale. The activities will include the Making Words project (at the Port Warehouse # 3), an exhibition Subjective Visions (building of the National Bank’s Educational Foundation) and an installation by Alexander Djikia in Thessaloniki Archeological Museum and Haim Sokol at the city port.

Making Words is a project of the Moscow Poetry Club of the Stella Art Foundation, implemented in cooperation with artBΟΧ.gr and already shown at the 53rd Venice Biennale in the context of the Making Words project conceived by Daniel Birnbaum, the art director of the Biennale.

The project is a combination of visual elements and pure poetry. Its starting point was a poetic performance by Vassilis Amanatidis and Eugenia Eugeny (curator, Anastasia Dokuchaeva from Stella Art Foundation, art director, Christos Savvides from artBΟΧ.gr), conducted in September 2008 in the context of the Action Field annual visual arts festival in Thessaloniki.

The project held in the context of the Second Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennale comprises poetry recitals and performances by poets from Greece and other countries, as well as a work Poets Machine by Yula Hadjigeorgiou and Common Cause-3 project by Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina.

In the context of the event held in Greece the company “Artventure — visual arts network” is publishing a two-language catalogue (in Greek and English) with texts by Vassilis Amanatidis, Yannis Epaminondas, Katerina Koskina, Andrea Libin and John High, Maria Maragu, Sotiris Bachtsedjis, Daniel Birnbaum, Eugeny Bunimovich, Dafni Nikita, Alexander Rytov, Christos Savvides, Thalea Stefanidou, Lydia Hadjiakovou and Yula Hadjigeorgiou.

Exhibition at the MIET
From today and until November 1, works from the collection of the Stella Art Foundation will be on view at the National Bank’s Educational Foundation / Thessaloniki Cultural Center at 108 Vasilissis Olgas Str. in the context of the exhibition entitled Subjective Visions. The exhibition opens at 21.30.

The exhibition features works by the following artists: Yuri Albert, Nikita Alexeyev, Yuri Avvakumov, Vagrich Bakhchanian, Alexei Buldakov, Olga Chernysheva, Michael Craig-Martin, Eugenia Yemets, Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich, Alexandra Galkina, Alexander Glinitsky, Dmitry Gutov, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Alex Kats, Maria Konstantinova, Joseph Kosuth, Oleg Kulik, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andrei Monastyrsky, Ilya Trushevsky, Stas Polnarev, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Spencer Tunick.

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00, Friday: 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-21.00. On Mondays the exhibition is closed.

Installation inspired by motifs of Cretan-Mycenaean seals
Finally, from today and until November 1, Alexander Djikia presents an in-situ installation inspired by motifs of Cretan-Mycenaean seals at Thessaloniki Archeological Museum (opening hours: Monday: 13.30-20.00, Tuesday-Sunday: 8.00-20.00), while Haim Sokol will install a sculptural composition at the city port that will be donated to the city by the Stella Art Foundation (the opening ceremony will be held on September 18).

About the Stella Art Foundation
Stella Art Foundation is a non-commercial organization created in November 2004 at the initiative of collector Stella Kesaeva. Main purposes of the Foundation include supporting cultural exchanges, promotion of the creative effort of Russian artists and institution of a contemporary art museum in Moscow. The Foundation takes a very dynamic part in all the major international contemporary art events (documenta, Venice Biennale) and cooperates with important museum institutions of different countries (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice). It is also implementing an extensive charity program.