Oleg Kulik

1961 was born in Kiev, USSR
1979 graduated from the Kiev art school
1982 graduated from the Kiev Geological College
1990 Fellow of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, USA
1990-1993 art director and exhibitor at the Regina Gallery, Moscow
1995-1996 Fellow of the Berlin Senate, Germany
  Lives and works in Moscow
  Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej, Warsaw
  Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
  Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium
  Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgium
  Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
  PinchukArtCentre, Kiev
  State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
  State Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
  Art4.ru Museum, Moscow
Selected solo exhibitions
1988 Paradox as a method. Exhibition Hall of the Sevastopol District, Moscow
  Dialog. Research Institute of Long-Range Radio Communications, Moscow
1989 Premonition of unfreedom. Moscow Youth Palace, Moscow
1990 Untitled. Exterior windows of the Design Center, Moscow
1994 I love Gorby. M. Gelman Gallery, Moscow
1995 The same and Skotinin. XL Gallery, Moscow
  My family, or Nature is perfect. M. Gelman Gallery, Moscow
  The end of history, or Kulik visiting emperors. XL Gallery, Moscow
1996 Evening of Kulik's memories. TV gallery, Moscow
1997 Virtual dog. M. Gelman Gallery, Moscow
  I bite America, America bites me (together with Mila Bredikhina). Deitch Projects, New York, USA
1998 Claire Quilty Jr. XL Gallery, Moscow
  Oleg Kulik. Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris
  Oleg Kulik. Laikmetīgās mākslas centrs, Riga
1999 Red Corner (together with Yuri Babich). XL Gallery, Moscow
  Russian. Regina Gallery, Moscow
2000 Alice vs. Lolita. Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris
  Oleg Kulik in Warsaw. Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw
2001 Museum of Nature (New Paradise). Central House of Artists, Moscow
  Architectural excesses. M. Gelman Gallery, Moscow
  House and Windows. La 49 Biennale di Venezia, Yogoslavian Pavillion, Venice, Italy
  Deep into Russia. Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgium
2002 Museum. XL Gallery, Moscow
  Lolita theme with variations. Gallery "D137", St. Petersburg
2003 The slogan. Regina Gallery, Moscow; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
  Museum (Cosmonaut). State Museum of Architecture A.V. Schuseva, Moscow
  Coordinate system. Central House of Artists, Moscow
  Oleg Kulik. Centra d’arte contemporanea, Naples, Italy
2004 Test of the Gobi (Summer). Gallery "XL-projects", Moscow
2005 Test of the Gobi (Winter). XL Gallery, Moscow
2007 Chronicle. 1987-2007. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Selected group exhibitions
1989 Out of the genre. Moscow Youth Palace, Moscow
1990 The logic of paradox. Moscow Youth Palace, Moscow
  Vanguard-90. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow
1992 About the transparent. The territory of the pioneer camp. Gagarina, Zimenki village, Moscow region
1993 The VII Congress of People's Deputies is dedicated. Central House of Artists, Moscow
  Vanguard and tradition. Books of Russian artists of the XX century. Russian State Library, Moscow
1994 Impudent, insensitive, ignorant, suffering from delusions of persecution, unreliable, animals, drug addicts, strange, poor, subjected
  indoctrinated, careerists, naive, fashionable, cruel, fake, inhospitable, insane, stubborn. Regina Gallery, Moscow
1995 No Man’s Land. Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen
  Der Grosse Zuricher Ausstellung. Kunsthause "Orlikon", Zurich, Switzerland
1996 De Rode Poort. Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgium
  Discort: Sabotage of Realities. Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
1997 It’s a Better World. Russischer Aktionismus und sein Kontext. Wienner Secession, Vienna
  Europarte. 5 giovani proposteper la Fondazione Bevilacqua Editrice Venezia. Fondazione Bevilaqua la Masa, Venice, Italy
  Lioghi Ritrovati. Centra d’arte contemporanea, Serre di Rapolano, Siena, Italy
  Sélest’Art. The 1st Biennale. Center d’art contemporain, Celeste, France
  III Cetinjski Bienale. Cetinje, Montenegro
  V Istanbul International Biennale. Istanbul, Turkey
  Moscou Vandaag. Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgium
1998 L’Arte dans le monde. Passage de Retz, Paris
  Medialization. Edsvik Konst-Kultur, Sollentuna, Sweden
  Voor het verdwijnt en erna. Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgium
  Body and the East. From the 1960s to the Present. Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
  24 Bienal de Sao Paulo. Sao paulo brazil
1999 Locally Interested. National Gallery for Alien Art, Sofia
  Eclipses. Center européen d’actions artistiques contemporaines, Strasbourg, France
1999-2000 After the Wall. Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Hamburger Bahnhoff, Berlin; Lúdwig Museum, Budapest
2000 L‘autre moitié de l‘Europe. Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris
  Performing Bodies. Tate Modern, London
  Herausforderung Tier - von Beuys bis Kabakov. Stadtlische Galerie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
2001 I Bienal de Valencia. Valencia, Spain
  Trans Sexual Express Barselona. Center d’Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, ​​Spain
  ISKUSSTWO-2000. Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim, Germany
2002 Reclamation. I festival of contemporary art in the open air. Pension "Klyazminskoe reservoir", Moscow region
  Le Tribu dell’arte. Museo d’arte contemporanea della citta, Rome
  The Russian Patient. Freud Museum, London
  IV Cetinjski Bienale. Cetinje, Montenegro
2003 Horizons of reality. Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Antwerp, Belgium
  II Bienal de Valencia. Valencia, Spain
  Berlin - Moskau / Moskau - Berlin 1950-2000. Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
  live culture. Tate Modern, London
2004 Rencontres d’Arles. Dépôt, Arles, France
  System of Coordinates. Muzej Suvremene Imjetnosti, Zagreb
  Za Czerwonym Horyzontem. Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw
  Berlin - Moscow / Moscow - Berlin 1950-2000. State Historical Museum, Moscow
  Busan Biennale 2004. Busan, South Korea
2005 Comembers. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  StarZ. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
  La 51 Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy
  Russian pop art. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  Angels of History. Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium
  Russia! Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
  The Gravity in Art. De Appel, Amsterdam
2006 The Origin of Species. Museum of Modern Art, Toyama; Hiroshima city múseum
  of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, Japan
  Reiz & Risiko. Museum Haus für Kunst, Altdorf, Switzerland
  ¡Rusia! Museo Guggenheim de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo, Bilbao, Spain
  Crossing Frontiers. Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, Germany; Ludwig Múseum, Budapest
  Postorange. Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
2007 Sots-art. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; La Maison Rouge, Paris
  Reflection. PinchukArtCentre, Kiev
  Learning from Moscow. Stadtische Galerie, Dresden, Germany
  Space Is the Place. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Phoenix, United States
  I am making Art - Chapitre 1 - Rituel, Transgression, Endurance, Risque. Center d’Art Contemporain Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland
2008 Thaw: Russian Art From Glasnost to the Present. Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA
  Space Is the Place. Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, USA