Алена Кирцова. Три выставки

Alyona Kirtsova. Three Shows

ISBN: 978-5-904652-08-1
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“I love the art of Alyona Kirtsova and feel confident in saying that she is one of the best contemporary artists working in Russia today. One must always wait a long time for her productions, but that is how it should be: a true artist puts the whole of him- or herself into their work.

The collaboration between Stella Art Foundation and Alyona Kirtsova began in 2006 with a project called “Color Guide”, dedicated to the Russian artist-innovator Mikhail Matyushin. Alyona’s next exhibition at the Foundation, entitled “North”, was held in 2010 and was largely autobiographical. The latest exhibition, “Grayscale”, is the most minimalist of the three shows. It is concentrated, endowed with a deep personal philosophy, but at the same time gentle and subtle in a special, feminine way. This is a very rare combination, and there are very few artists capable of working in this manner today”. Stella Kesaeva

Texts: Stella Kesaeva, Alexander Borovsky, Yuri Avvakumov, Alyona Kirtsova
Languages: English, Russian
132 pages


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