German Vinogradov's Evening

German Vinogradov's Evening
Dates 05 July 2012
Address Stella Art Foundation
Skaryatinsky pereulok, 7

I have been a devotee over many years of the ever festive, inclusive and endlessly inventive phenomenon by the name of German Vinogradov.

The phenomenon is utterly unique on the modern stage. Garik (as we know him) is more than a artist, musician, actor and poet. He is, if you like, a city monument.

His varied and indefatigable artistic endeavours, and his own “high-art” persona give color and life to the landscapes — whether artistic or urban — where he always fits in easefully, confidently and somehow magisterially, marking them and making them his own without any apparent effort, infecting and charging the space around himself with positive creative energy.

Lev Rubinstein