Paquita Escofet Miro. Collector's evening

Paquita Escofet Miro. Collector's evening
Dates 23 April 2013
Address Stella Art Foundation
Skaryatinsky pereulok, 7

The name Paquita Escofet Miro stands out in the, I hope, impressive list of those who have been the focus of our Skaryatinsky Evenings. And not merely because the name is foreign. The main difference is that, unlike most of those who have appeared at our evenings, Paquita is not an artist, musician or a literary figure.

She is a collector. A collector of contemporary Russian and Georgian art.

But then, what is art — and particularly contemporary art — if not a more or less thoughtful collecting of ideas that hang in the air, lucky finds by the attuned artist’s eye of things that had been under our feet all the time but had remained unnoticed.

Paquita is a collector, for whom art is inseparable from the circumstances of love, friendship, and personal intellectual or spiritual ties. So, really, she is an artist.

Nikita Alexeev has this to say about her collection: “As a collector she has never acquired the works of artists, with whom she was not personally acquainted. For her a picture or art object is not merely a work and something that has material value — it is an energy field, where there can be potentially fruitful communication between the most varied people.”

On April 23 Paquita Escofet Miro will present the new catalogue of her unique collection. Аnd Nikita Alexeev, Alexandra Obukhova, Georgy Litichevsky, Alexander Kosolapov and Andrei Kovalev will speak about her and her collection.

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