Eugenia Emets, Markus Proschek. Elements of light

А project was created under the direction of an outstanding curator, Boris Manner
Date(s) 19 May — 14 June 2008
Address Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece
About the Project
Curator: Boris Manner

The opening ceremony for the new exhibition “Elements of Light” will take place on the 19th of May at the Hellenic American Union in Athens. The exhibition will display the work of young Russian photographer Eugenia Emets and Markus Proschek, one of the most talented of the Vienna University of Applied Art alumni. 

The initial stimulus for the project was given by the artistic internship both young artists were involved in in September 2006 at the Cypriot-Greek “Oros Kharasson” Contemporary Art Centre situated on the Syros Island in Greece, the capital of the Cycladic Archipelago. The striking natural beauty of this area, its purity and austerity, the unique buildings of the “Oros Kharasson” created in the course of years and years in strict accordance to artistic rules and solar cycles, as well as the remarkable personalities of the centre’s owners, the artists Niki Liodaki and George Sfikas — all this has given the first impulse to their inspiration. As a result, an unusual project was created under the direction of an outstanding curator, Boris Manner, professor at the Vienna University of Applied Art. The project consists of two vivid artistic statements brought together to form a complex and unified whole.

Collaborative project of the Stella Art Foundation, Moscow; Vienna University of Applied Art; the Hellenic American Union, Athens; and the Marina Noel Foundation, Kerkyra, Greece.