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Venice Biennale 2015

26 March 2015 Venice Biennale 2015

“The Green Pavilion” - the project by Irina Nakhova, which will be shown this year - is not just a contemporary art project but also relates to architecture. It is built on a dialogue with masterpieces of the Russian avant-garde and with the architecture of Alexey Shchusev. As in Vadim Zakharov’s project, the architectural features of the Russian Pavilion will form an important element of Irina Nakhova’s installation.

This time, in addition to the opening between the first and second floors, the external walls of Shchusev’s building have been painted a different colour. Thanks to being painted green, the Russian Pavilion has taken on the look of a romantic summer-house, concealing within itself the spatial metaphor of the black square. The journey in to Malevich’s black square is a thrilling adventure created by Irina Nakhova for lovers of art. Using the latest technology, the artist has connected the space of the pavilion using a single, dynamic idea, thanks to which the viewer can get an integrated aesthetic impression.

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