co-op Cupid

  Artistic co-op Cupid was set up in 2008 by three outstanding representatives of the Moscow Conceptualist School, Yuri Albert, Victor Skersis and Andrei Filippov. The fourth member of the co-op, Paruyr Davtyan, joined them in 2015.
Selected solo exhibitions
2008 Vitya and the Hares; Fragma, Pragma, Enigma; and Artistic co-op Cupid. All three at Proekt_Fabrika, Moscow
2009 Show and Tell: Still Waters Run Deep. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2010 Water Intake. Proekt_Fabrika, Moscow
2010 Caspar, David, Friedrich at the Aesthetics vs. Information exhibition. Center for Cultural Communication, Klaipeda
2011 Metamorpheus. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2015 The Stationmaster. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2017 The Gang. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow