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 Evenings at Skaryatinsky: German Vinogradov. July 5, 2012

 Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Vasily Shumov presents Sound&Vision. April 26, 2012

 Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Lev Rubinstein. March 1, 2012

 Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Alexander Shaburov. February 8, 2012

 Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Gor Chakhal. November 9, 2011

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Vladimir Martynov. October 4, 2011

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Yuri Albert. May 11, 2011

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Maria Chuikova, Sergei Zagny, Lev Rubinstein (Switzerland Trio). March 1, 2011
Maria Chuikova, Sergei Zagny, Lev Rubinstein (Switzerland Trio)

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Victor Pivovarov. February 5, 2011

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Natalia Mali, Andrei Prigov. December 02, 2010 
"The Transformation of the Contemporary Artist", a performance by Natalia Mali and Andrei Prigov 

Hermann Nitsch. Q/A-session, October 1, 2010  

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Andrey Bilzho. September 9, 2010

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Grisha Bruskin. June 2, 2010

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Victor Koval. April 20, 2010

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Nikita Alexeev. February 26, 2010

Evenings at Skaryatinsky: Sergey Zagny. January 21, 2010
Luiz Henrique Yudo, "On Words: J"

World Fashion TV about "in situ" exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Daniel Birnbaum at the Moscow Poetry Club opening, 03.06.2009

World Fashion TV about "That Obscure Object of Art" exhibition at the Ca' Rezzonico Museum, Venice

World Fashion TV about IV International Gala Banquet in the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg

"That Obscure Object of Art" exhibition at the Ca' Rezzonico Museum, Venice, promotional video

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