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Vladimir Martynov


Evening at Skaryatinsky: Vladimir Martynov
October 4, 2011

Surprisingly enough, Vladimir Martynov’s profession is hard to define despite his broad and well-deserved reputation
. On the one hand, he is considered to be a composer.

How else can one view the author of numerous musical works in a wide range of genres

On the other hand, he is the author of the concept of the
"end of the era of composers" and he maintains this concept consistently and convincingly.

Thirdly, Vladimir Martynov is a researcher
, theorist and man of letters, and is the author of several books.

And, finally, Vladimir Martynov is a contemporary artist
, who has participated in a number of exhibitions.

4 October he will appear at the first of this season’s Skariatinsky Meetings in the capacity of thinker, man of letters, and originator of the concept of the “end of the era of composers”.

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