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Mission statement



Stella Art Foundation is a non-commercial organization established in November 2003 at the initiative of Stella Kesaeva.

The Foundation's purposes: promotion of cultural exchange, support of the Russian art and young artists, as well as setting up a contemporary art museum in Moscow.

Activities of the Stella Art Foundation

Exhibition projects
One of the main areas of the Foundation's activity is the arrangement and conduct of exhibition projects featuring artwork of Russian artists. Many projects are implemented thanks to the Foundation's cooperation with state, non-commercial and private cultural institutions.

• Building a museum collection
Stella Art Foundation is currently building a collection of its future museum of contemporary art, to feature works of Western and Russian artists. A full catalogue of the Foundation's collection was published in 2009. The Museum is expected to open within the next ten years.

• Support of young Russian artists
In 2006, Stella Art Foundation established its young artists' nomination "New Generation" in the context of All-Russian Contemporary Art Competition "Innovatsia" organized by the National Contemporary Arts Centre (Moscow). Every year, the Foundation sets up exhibitions of young Russian artists, both in Russia and abroad, seeing them as a particularly important element of its overall activity.

• Literary projects
The Moscow Poets’ Club was run at Stella Art Foundation during the period of 2008-2009. Apart from meetings at which poets and writers had their free debates and discussed particular texts, as well as about topical literature and art issues, the Club also hosted its poetry evenings.

Starting from 2010 the Foundation runs a project called “Evenings at Skaryatiniskiy” curated by poet Lev Rubinstein who was specially invited for this role.




  Stella Kesaeva


Stella Art Foundation

Stella Kesaeva

Alexander Rytov

Art Director
Vladimir Levashov

121069, Москва, Скарятинский переулок д.7
тел.: +7 495 691 34 07 факс: +7 495 691 25 63
121069, Moscow, Skaryatinsky pereulok 7,
tel: +7 495 691 34 07 fax: +7 495 691 25 63
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